Remember that feeling when you open a fresh can or bottle of soda and take the first drink, how it burned so bad but it was oh so good? For a couple seconds you feel like nothing else matters because the rush from tasting that sweet liquid gold is running over your tongue.

The first 8 Days of Giving Soda Up.

Notes on my phone from the first 8 days of giving up soda.

Since I can remember I’ve drank Dr.Pepper. My mom and dad both drank Dr. Pepper and so did pretty much everyone else I knew. As a kid I can remember that getting a pop at the store was a big deal because we couldn’t afford much.

As I got older and had my own money I could buy it whenever I wanted. Soon Dr. Pepper or soda in general became a staple in my life. If I didn’t get my fix, I would become moody and stressed. I tried quitting, but it seemed like I couldn’t handle the stress without the DP. One time I made fourteen days without a fix. Then I talked myself into only having one can a day which turned into two to three 44oz drinks. Even though I knew soda was bad for me it didn’t matter, I needed it.

Finally one day something just clicked, If I don’t stop drinking soda I’m not going to see my son grow up. Also my super amazing boss told me that she would take $25 out of my paycheck for every pop I drank. I’m happy to report I’ve lost count of the exact days I’ve been off soda but I know it’s been at least two months.

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