I’ve asked my self this hundreds of times in various forms over the years. So why am I not happy? I have tons of reasons, eitherĀ I see other people’s highlight reels(Facebook) and wish I had what they did. Or I dwell on the fact that both of our cars are old and one needs a paint job and my wife is embarrassed by it. Oh what about when you get invited to a friends-giving getaway and you really want to go but can’t because your car broken down. Truth is there are many more reason whey I’ve convinced my self I’m not happy but I finally came to a realization of the truth. I’m not happy because I CHOOSE NOT TO BE.

I’m sure most of us have heard at some point in life that “happiness is a choice.” Which I’ve always thought was a dumb saying that people just say in passing like “How are you?” not really wanting a reply but just being polite. It dawned on me this morning that maybe there was a little more merit to this statement.

[su_quote style=”flat-light”]WHAT IF our happiness is a CHOICE and not a REACTION based on our situation?[/su_quote]

Then the not so literal sparks started going off in my head. DUH, isn’t that what hope and faith are? Seeing the unseen. The hope that this isn’t all there is and there must be more to life than just working and sleeping.

I know I’m not perfect and my mind is a constant battleground but maybe I can gain some momentum by deciding that starting with today things will be different. I choose happiness over bitterness and sorrow and defeat.

P.S. I know my blog isn’t done(so don’t be judging) but I really wanted to share this today!

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Kylie · December 12 at 8:27 am

So good, so honest, and so real! You win in Him. Love you Friend!

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